Welcome to Black Sea Technology, Inc.

About Our Company

Founded in Houston, Texas, USA, Black Sea Technology, Inc. (BSTI) is dedicated and committed to providing quality products and services that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.

BSTI is a quality manufacturer of replacement parts for the wide variety of mud pumps found on the world market today. BSTI mud pump products cover more than 20, 000 different parts across all eight major mud pump brand. Interchangeable mud pumps parts are in stock for all major mud pump manufacturers.
BSTI Supplies oilfield equipment with our main manufacturing facilities located in China and our US partners, with CNC machining capabilities in Houston. Every part BSTI and our USA partners provide is manufactured to meet API Specifications and quality standards equaling or exceeding those of the O.E.M.
BSTI technicians and engineers have the capability and experience to provide quality services including mud pump failure analysis, diagnosis, field measurement, and repair work. With Hydraulic press equipment, lathe machines and state-of-the-art machine tools, we have the flexibility to produce components for mud pumps of new and old models including non-standard parts.