Black Sea Technology Inc (BSTI) offers a full range of mud pump pistons below with a variety of extended wear materials yielding excellent service life, providing optimal choices for different ranges of drilling operation temperature, pressure and drilling fluids conditions. -Bonded Urethane pistons -High-Temperature Urethane bonded pistons -Replaceable Rubber Pistons.

BSTI’s urethane pistons are bonded in our Houston assembly facility with the USA made urethane compounds, which delivers excellent resistance to tear and abrasion while maintaining high mechanical properties.

BSTI piston are available in sizes from 3” to 8”. All our piston steel hubs are CNC machined and yields exact tolerances for improved performance.

Based on the customer requirements, BSTI will establish and maintain optimal piston products and product-component requirements. All above BSTI piston products are interchangeable with O.E.M. counterparts.